About Us
    Jiangsu Sundy (Jiangbei New Area) Law Firm, located in Yangzi SCI-Innovation Center, Jiangbei New Area, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, is an innovative legal service institution developing into a high-quality legal service provider. We had rich experience and achieved outstanding performance in the field of technology-based corporate management and operation compliance, complex commercial transaction, risk prevention and control, investment, cross-border intellectual property transfer, and foreign-related arbitration and litigation.   “Law+Technology+Platform”is the standard model of legal service for clients on technological industries. Being committed to a technology-oriented law institution, the Firm apply AI machine software to provide legal services for clients, with "ICOURT search engine + legal database" for dispute resolution and "DOCQBOT Intelligent Robot" for counselling serviec. The Firm is capable of efficient an drapid provision to case  analysis, result prediction and customized legal texts in both Chinese and English.
    Our clients come from all over China, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Miami, Vancouver at North America, Vilnius, Poznan, Milan at Europe, Melbourne, Sydney at Australia, and Sao Paulo at South America.
     Resort to chip and gene industry group in the state-level Jiangbei New district; We tend to focus on the needs of clients in industries such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cell technology at different stages, designing a comprehensive and stable transaction structure for clients in respect of law and business. We are regionally recognized for providing high-quality services and legal solutions for a variety of corporations that may be incubation, start-ups, accelerating or steady growth period.
     Our practice areas include corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property strategy, operation compliance, technology licensing, labor and employment relations, software technology, information technology, intelligent manufacturing, automatic vehicles, life sciences and healthcare, medical care, new environmentally friendly materials, finance and investment.
   We started in Jiangbei New Area, with influence over Yangtze River Delta region, and crossing the border!
E-mail:jiangbei@sundylawyer.com Tel:86-25-69761029
P.C.:211800  Addr:11F, Yangzi SCI-Tech Innovation Center, 211# Pubin Road, Pukou District Nanjing City.