Zhong Ren
Name:Zhong Ren
Senior Partner, Arbitrator,Patent Agent, Patent Attorney, Grade 1 Constructor, Land Registration Agent.
Education: Shenyang university of technology welding major. Graduate school of Chinese academy of social sciences. Experience: In large state-owned enterprises engaged in technology, construction and installation, real estate development and management work, served as a repair, municipal, construction and installation company as well as the head of real estate companies, asset sales department, engineering department, legal affairs office, head of real estate sales;To participate in the restructuring, reorganization and liquidation of corporate debt and debt.After working as a practicing lawyer, I acted as the legal adviser of several companies;The case had been undertaken several media reports, the agency business involved in the company, investment, finance, trade, intellectual property rights, acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, asset restructuring, enterprise management consulting, land, engineering bidding and tendering, litigation and arbitration, etc., good at dealing with complex civil and commercial legal affairs, major and complex, especially in intellectual property rights of land policy, building installation project construction, real estate development project has a wealth of management experience and practice experience. Social Position: Housing Industrialization Technical Expert, Jiangsu Provincial Housing and Urban-rural Development Department Housing and Real Estate Industry Promotion Center. Expert of Jiangsu Provincial Bidding and Evaluation of Housing Construction and Municipal Infrastructure Projects.

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