Zhao Chen
Name:Zhao Chen
Senior Partner
Tel:86-13951818988(中国) 001-2269738588(加拿大)
Education: Department of Automatic Control, Northeastern University Graduate School of International Business Administration and Immigration Law, Fanshawe College, Canada Honors: Received the certificate of “Legal Service for the second Summer Youth Olympic Games” issued by the organizing committee of the games for his legal services during the second Summer Youth Olympic Games Typical Achievements: 1. Acted as an agent of a Thai gum company for the acknowledgement and enforcement of an international arbitration against a chemical company in Nanjing, and effectively safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the Thai company in 2001. 2. Provided legal services in a case of equity acquisition for a foreign-related automobile company in Shanghai, planned and designed the legal roadmap of the acquisition of shares, so that the company′s acquisition reasonably bypassed related legal obstacles, and achieved a result satisfying both parties in 2002. 3. Provided legal services during the whole process of the reorganization of creditor′s rights, debts and assets for a Hong Kong steel corp. in Dayawan, Shenzhen from 2003 to 2004; meanwhile, broke an eight-year legal deadlock for the client, who gave rave review for the result. 4. Provided legal services for a large enterprise’s investment in mining in Indonesia, Philippines and Kampuchea. Through the preliminary due diligence and investigation of the legal environment for investment, and the process including contract drafting, negotiation and signing, successfully helped the client to avoid legal risks.

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