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圣典江北时讯 (2018年11月号) Firm Newsletter

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Jiangsu Sundy (Jiangbei New Area) LawFirm has made further breakthrough in range of innovated legal service andpractice model, setting out to build an industrial front-end of Incubator + Technology Project + Seed Capital  which aims to providecommercial, intellectual property, capital, resource matching and othercomprehensive services for back home oversea projects.


Introduction of Overseas TechnologyProjects

       对接境外生物医药研发机构和海外华人协会等, 尝试大批量引进大健康领域、具有产业价值的先进研发项目,包括生物医药、体外诊断、基因测序、质谱分析、细胞治疗、医疗信息、医疗器材用品、医疗仪器设备、居家长期照护用品、癌症康复等。现与项目开发者就项目在江北新区的落地和产业化等可行性进行深入探讨并提供专业建议。

Based on the established connection withbiomedical R&D institutions and associations of Chinese scientistsoverseas, the Firm is trying to introduce a large amount of advanced R&Dprojects with high industrial value in health care industry, includingbiomedicine, in vitro diagnosis, gene sequencing, biological mass spectrometry,cell therapy, medical information, medical devices, medical equipment,long-term care supplies, cancer rehabilitation, etc. The Firm  also have in-depth discussion with the project owners on landing and industrialization

of their projects in Jiangbei New Area, with professional advice provided.


The Firm is leading an immune-celltherapy project to Jiangbei New Area, by facilitating the landing of theproject in, providing one-stop services, assisting the project owner with seed capital resource, designing corporate structure and introducing government policy. The project has received the attention of the leaders of the JiangbeiNew Area Management Committee and Jiangbei New Area S&T Investment Groupwhich has been invited to the roadshow organized by the Biomedical Valley on December 6 and the Summit Conference organized by the S&T InvestmentGroup  on December 7


Entrusted by an oversea medicalinstitution, the Firm is counselling for a proposal of establishing aninternational sub-center under a well-known medical experimental center,  fordrug clinical trial in Jiangbei New Area in order to assist in the developmentof new  drugs in China, and to speed up the process of coming into the global market.


Participation in Establishment of SeedCapital  


With large-scale and outstanding capitalinvestment companies in the capital industry at Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Chongqing,the Firm helps to launch a special over one billion RMB financing fund for thestart-up businesses in Jiangbei New Area. With the help of domestic top privateequity fund capital institutions, the Firm is providing financialsupport for entrepreneurial projects which has entered or will enter in Jiangbei New Area to achieve laboratory results and final mass industrialization.


The Firm will make the best of the fundto carry out extensive cooperation with institutions, in the areas of enhancingvalue-added legal services, asset evaluation, resource allocation,

domestic andoverseas listings. The Firm is making innovation on professional service modelsto better meet the needs of domestic technologically leading enterprises, to raise

the influence and recognition in the professional field, and to serve the development

of the regional economy.


Counselling Service


The Firm assists a Shanghai company innegotiating with an Israeli company in introducing  patented products with exclusive distributionrights and production permit inChina in respect of  chronic kidney disease treatment, diabeticfoot ulcers treatment, and plastic and reconstructive surgery. 


The Firm provides legal service and preliminary stage commercial channel planning for a precious metal processingproject to be launched by a Jiangsu enterprise. The project can create nearlyone thousand technical posts locally and will drive the up-stream and down-stream development on the industrial chain worthy billions RMB Yuan. 


The Firm helps to bring about anenvironmental protection project investment company with over 100 millionregistered capital to locate in Nanjing, which dedicates itself to sewage treatment. Its turnover in the first operating year is expected to reach hundreds of

million RMB Yuan.


The Firm assists an Australian company in acquiring two domestic printing companies, by providing whole process legalservices from acquisition notices, memoranda, due diligence,acquisition agreements, supervision of delivery, warrant/guarantee/security to valuation adjustment mechanism. 


The Firm provided daily life lawknowledge training for officers and soldiers in a military academy in Bengbu.


Litigation and Arbitration                                    


The Firm, representing a foreign client,filed an enforcement proceeding of a foreign-related arbitration award worthy millions RMB Yuan. The Firm wins following the PRC court ruled that theobjection proposed by the opposing party subject to enforcement was rejected on the ground of lack of legal basis. The case has moved to the implementationprocess successfully and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.


The Firm assisted a local company torepel the malicious claims of a picture company in Beijing again. In the faceof well-prepared Sundy lawyers, the Beijing company was absent from presence incourt, for realizing the case was hopeless then. The court dismissed the casebecause the Beijing company as the plaintiff fails to appear for trial.


The Firm represents a well-knowndomestic clothing and garment brand company to file a lawsuit against merchants selling counterfeit clothes on internet;


The Firm is collecting and preservingarticles, pictures, videos and other evidence that infringed the business reputation of a European toy brand manufacturer, be ready to file aninfringement claim against the infringer for damage on the brand.


Strategic Cooperation                                    


The Firm enters into a strategiccooperation relationship with a leading multinational consulting serviceprovider. In virtue of its internationalization advantage, high-quality service capabilities,and a vast network of resources, the provider and the Firmjointly present a variety of professional services for Firms Chinese clients aiming  forglobal expansion, with comprehensive cross-border resource integration, globaldevelopment vision and the worlds leading technologysources and reserves, through integrating overseas investment capital onup-stream/down-stream industrial chain which creates value for enterprisesthrough capital operation such as M&A prior to being on the capitalmarkets.

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