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圣典江北时讯 (2018年12月号) Firm Newsletter

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  圣典江北新区致力成为一家科技技术型律师事务所,在争议解决领域采用“ICOURT搜索引擎+法律数据库”;在咨询业务中,引入“DOCQBOT智能机器人”,从而能够高效快捷地为客户提供案件分析、结果预判和中英文双语版的定制化的法律文本。Sundy Jiangbei New Area Law Firm is committed to becoming a technology-oriented law institution, with "ICOURT search engine + legal database"for dispute resolution and "DOCQBOT Intelligent Robot" for counselling service. The Firm is capable of efficient and rapid provision tocustomers of case analysis, result prediction and customized legal texts in both Chinese and English.


LegalServices + AI


DOCQBOT Intelligent Robot Introduced


DOCQBOT intelligent robot is capable ofefficient and rapid text-drafting work for out-bound Chinese customers and in-bound foreign customers in transactions. Instructed

by the robot operation interface, lawyers only need  answer afew questions by the robot based on  actual situations and  majorconcerns, before the robot generates customized high-quality bilingual contract documents for the customer's transactions within a few minutes. The drafted text also leaves room forlawyers to further modify and edit, who easily add, delete and complete the keypoints concerned one by one on the documents.


Due to DOCQBOT's powerful ability oftemplate editing, further with a lawyer's post-processing, the Firm can provide thousands of customers of different requirements with the most suitablecontract texts highlighting business characteristics. The texts include: power of attorney, product supply agreement, transaction service, service supply agreement,confidentiality agreement, sales agency agreement, memorandum,distributionagreement, due diligence list, design, production (OEM),stock purchase agreement, consulting services, asset purchase agreement, intellectualproperty license agreement, joint venture agreement, intellectual propertyrights transfer agreement, shareholders agreement, software license agreement, shareholders loan agreement, etc., with complete coverage of transactional links.


Applying DOCQBOT results in  advantages obviously. The contract draft is capable of flexibility being edited. A lawyer can further improve the draftpursuant to his understandingof the major concerns and risks on thetransaction, by adding individual clauses such as VAM, redemption and mortgage.


A lot of time needing for originaldocument drafting and editing is saved. Within at most 10 work hours, agenerally defectless contract text is transmitted to each party to the transaction for reading, who can choose the Chinese or English version as per his/her mother language in reading. Within 24 hours, all parties to the transactionpossibly arrange a voice conference for negotiation.


Counselling Services


A Leading Model-driven Software Developer into Jiangbei New Area


TheFirm has made another major breakthrough introducing a cutting-edge technology company into Jiangbei New Area. The company aiming to lead the new enterprise software development trend of model-driven development worldwide,to promote the upgrade of the whole software industry, made a detailed survey of the entrepreneurial environment, policy support and channel support in Jiangbei New Area. The company makes clear that it will land on Jiangbei New Area, Nanjing.

      借助该软件公司的“创建者业务基础平台” ,圣典江北新区希望从律所架构出发,以完全可视化建模来开发符合律所自身特点的业务管理、案件分析、绩效统计、薪酬分配等系统的软件,真正成为一家科技技术型的律师事务所。

With the help of the "Creator Business Framework" of the software company, the Firm hopes to, startingfrom the Firms organization, by means of completevisual modeling, develop software for the service management, case analysis, performance statistics, salary distribution and other systems in line with theFirm's own characteristics, to truly become a technology-oriented Firm.



On-site Due Diligence for a ForeignM&A of Local Enterprises in Nanjing


Representing an Australian company, the Firms lawyer team entered a printing product company in Nanjing on December 26, to carry out due diligence before the acquisition.Two practice lawyers and two lawyers on probation kept on tense work four days,as per duediligence list, in the target companysoffice; and frequently went out to the market supervision, land trading center,the DMV agencies to obtain confirmed information the successful DD matters, by collecting all kinds of information, which helps determine the risk position. The due diligence works out a safe business transaction framework.


Publicity and Promotion


" NJAC Cup English Moot ArbitrationTribunal"

       2018122日本所李竹影律师受邀参加南京仲裁委举行的“南仲杯英语模拟仲裁庭” 表演,担任被申请人的法定代表人。作为资深涉外律师,李律师的角色定位是指导扮演代理人的年轻律师稳妥地推进庭审程序,以便在规定的五十分钟时间内,为来自仲裁委、司法局、律师协会、法院、高校的观众们展现一场精彩的“真实”庭审表演。虽然属于“服务大局”的次要角色,但他以地道的美式英语和脱离台词的即兴睿智的发言,获得了观众的赞誉。

On December 2nd, 2018, Andrew Li wasinvited to " NJAC Cup English Moot Arbitration Tribunal" held byNanjing Arbitration Commission, acting as the legal representative of the respondent. As a senior lawyer with rich experience in handling foreign relatedissues,Andrew assisted the young participant lawyers in  the trial procedure steadily, so as to present a wonderful 50 minute "real" trial to the audience from the arbitration commission, judicial bureaus, lawyers' associations, courts, teachers andstudents of universities. Acting as a minor role in "assiting theshow," however, he won praise from the audience for his native-like American English and off-the-cuff wit.


Promotion Meeting Organized by JiangbeiNew Area Comprehensive Administration


On the afternoon of December 20th, 2018,the Firm participated in Promotion Meeting organized by Jiangbei New AreaComprehensive Administration for legal service agencies into industrial parks.Andrew, in his five minute presentation, introduced to the leaders of theadministration and parks the refreshing concept of "Legal Service +Technology +Platform", emphasing technology as means of legal services,demonstrating the use of ICOURT and DOCQBOT intelligent machine software toprovide counselling service to clients, which completely subverted the traditional impression of legal services on the audience, being praised "a wonderful introduction "!



Notes at Close of the Year


In 2018, the Firm succeeds in fulfillingthe development plan of "laying a good foundation in the first year", and is now making rapid progress towards the goal of "making a

breakthrough in the second year". In 2019, the Firm will introduce more technical means to provide distinctive and high-quality legal services for clients.


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